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Picking Out Your First Vibrator

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You've decided you want a vibrator. You feel good about this decision. It’s time. You are excited and nervous as you enter the store for, perhaps, the very first time, pleased with your new-found confidence and blossoming sexual curiosity. But then…

Oh my!!

There are so many! Pink ones, blue ones, huge ones, tiny ones, ones with rabbits and butterflies and faces, ones that are shaped like rocket ships and alien probes… it’s like you've dropped into some topsy-turvy Dr. Seuss world for adults. You start to panic. You wonder if it would be too conspicuous to just back out the door and run away. Because how can you choose? What are all these doodads and whatzits? Will you like them? How will you know?

Take a deep breath. This is what we’re here for. And if you’re not ready to ask us in person, or even if you are and just need a little cheat sheet to refer to… we've put this list together of:

The Most Important Things to Look for when Buying your Very First Vibrator!


This is key. Often times, people will come into the store armed with whatever vibrator knowledge they could dig up — most of which involves singing the praises of the Rabbit Habit and other dual-action vibrators. These vibrators are great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re not the best idea when you’re still figuring out what it is you like! They’re a big investment, have a lot of bells and whistles, and can sometimes be too intense for first-timers. So! Keep it simple.

Bullet vibrators are great — the Silver Bullet is cheap, simple, has variable speeds (see Important Thing #2), and is small enough to fit in a pouch or bedside drawer! Chakra Bullet is another bullet style vibe that has multiple functions as well as speeds, so you can vibrate or pulsate at your whim! If you are interested in starting with a rechargeable vibe, the Point or Joie are both small, powerful and won;t break your wallet. 

Another good choice are toys that you can use either vaginally or clitorally — ones that are longer, like Miss Bliss or Slim are great, simple vibes. If you are intrigued by your G-spot, try Tula — the curve is also great for hitting your clit and not getting carpal tunnel in the process!

Remember: Expensive vibes are not an indication of orgasmability — they’re just an indication that they cost a lot to make! We adore gorgeous rechargeable vibes and are happy to point you in the direction of some stellar starter ones, but we also think that battery operated vibes are great if you not sure what you are going to like. 

Variable Speeds

Sometimes you want a lot of power, sometimes you just want a little teasing. A vibe with variable speeds lets you have it all. Most vibes have variable speeds, but some of the smaller, cuter looking ones just have a one-speed push button. Just be aware when you’re testing vibes out in the store… turn the adjustable speed wheel all the way up and all the way down to see the range of intensity. Even similar looking vibes can have different intensities, as well as different “frequencies” of vibration. For example, Audrey has a very high-pitched “zingy” kind of vibration, whereas Professor Plum is more low-pitched and gyrating. If you are attached to the idea of getting a teeny-tiny discreet vibe, try the Power Bullet. It has a push button that has three different speeds, which makes it different from other similar vibes and offers you more choices.


This is important both for your pleasure and for your health! The main choices of material available to you are hard plastic, silicone, cyberskin, and the many variations on jelly rubber. Hard plastic is just that — hard and plastic. This texture is good for clitoral stimulation (the vibrations travel well through hard materials) and for pressure, if you like that sensation. For example, many women find that they prefer firm pressure on their G-spot, so they might like a hard plastic toy. Also, hard plastic is non-porous, meaning that it is very easy to clean and will not harbor any dirt or bacteria. (Examples include Miss BlissTula, and Silver Bullet)

Cyberskin and soft rubber (TPE & TPS) are both porous materials, meaning they will be more difficult to keep clean and can harbor dirt and bacteria. We recommend using condoms with these toys because it just makes them easier to clean, and it reduces the risk of irritation or infection. Some soft toys also have chemical softeners called “phthalates” that are under investigation for being a possible carcinogen, so condoms are especially important with these toys.  At ETB though, we have eliminated non-silicone soft materials with the exception of a few Elastomer toys made by reputable company. The Rabbit Habit is a good example of that. 

Silicone is a higher quality and often more expensive material, but it is softer than hard plastic and yet still non-porous and very body safe. It also retains body heat nicely and is much more durable than any other material. We love Silicone for dildos, and we have a number of silicone vibes that are good for a first-time vibrator user. We think Silicone is a much better choice than any other soft material as it is safer for your body & easier to keep clean.  (Examples include: AriesPatchy, and Best Buddy)


If you’re buying your first vibrator, then chances are you don’t know what exactly you want from a vibrator! So try and find one that gives you the most options. It is for this purpose that we sell the First Timer’s Kit, which gives you a choice of vibes and an extra sleeve for different sensations! I also like to recommend to people who like the idea of a dual-action Rabbit Habit style that they get a longer vibe (like a Miss Bliss or Mary style) and our Magic Touch Cockring Kit. This way you can use each of them separately (the cockring can be used on a cock or a finger, or the mini vibe can be taken out and used on its own) or put the cockring on the larger vibrator so you can get clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time if you want it! Amazing!

Aesthetic Appeal

And finally, do not underestimate the power of an attractive vibrator! This is very important — find something that you like the looks of! If you have a vibrator you think is pretty or cool or sleek, you’re more likely to pick it up and use it. We can give you all the tips in the world, but ultimately, buying a vibrator is an exceedingly personal thing, and what works for you is totally different from what works for someone else. So let your eyes guide you, and trust your instincts!

UPDATE! We put all our favorite vibes for first timers in one place! Now you can see them all here!